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16 September 2022 @ 07:59 am
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31 January 2012 @ 07:51 pm
Well, it's official: I'm definitely in love with Andrew Haigh's wondrous film WEEKEND. The best film I've seen in an age. So well-crafted and subtle, I find myself discovering brand new nuances with each viewing (only four so far). I want to find an old drive-in cinema and beam the film onto the peeling screen from dusk to dawn.

Here is the official preview, via YouBoob™:

I've also made a handful of icons. Feel free to use and share:



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23 January 2012 @ 11:46 pm
Between painting the house, jumping into the pool and applying for employment, I've been viewing some queerfilm.

And YEAH, it's ALL been downloaded. Haven't found an art cinema in Fort Myers yet!


A queer couple fall on hard times in present day Britain, and hit on a way to earn pounds to pay the bills: gay porn! Plenty of skin here, and the right amount of pathos plus humour keep everything in line. And there's a hunky nieghbour, a FTM producer, plus a seriously bizarre porn shop. Fun and frolicky. Added plus: stars Alex Anthony and Conner McKenzy spend most of their time either in their underwear or sans same. (Mssr. McKenzy is especially delicious...seriously Weasleyesque, perhaps?) ***½ outta 5


Low-budget indie focusing on a vaguely attractive hustler working the inhabitants of "the gayest apartment building on the gayest street" in an un-named American city. Ben Bonefant plays the Hustler as one might expect: never giving his real name, and adapting to each and every situation he encounters. What starts out as a simple trick with a needy Russian ex-patriate ends up as an odyssey to simply "find the way out" of the maze-like apartment building. With each encounter, the Hustler discovers something of himself, and ultimately, a possible "escape". Worth the download/view, for sure. *** outta 5


I'm totally pants at scribbling commentaries that might entice you to view one film or how about this: WATCH THIS FILM! Not so good, eh? Well, this is one of those flicks that requires multiple viewings, if not to pick up on subtleties of character or softly uttered dialogue, but if only to experience the passage of time with Russell and Glen once more. Despite that fact that I'm not British nor have I ever been to the UK, I found that I could identify with either character, whether it be the quiet, reserved Russell, or the outspoken, America-bound Glen. I found myself rooting for these boys from the start. For a more eloquent commentary, clicky on the title... ****½ outta 5


Here's a gem that will either bore you or drive you to tears. We discern that Mark dies, and his best friend Jeff is entrusted to tie up all of Mark's loose ends. In doing so, Jeff discovers hundreds of emails between Mark and Andrea, an Italian gay man that has airline tickets to fly to Dallas and meet Mark for the first time. Jeff initially tells Andrea not to come, but eventually recants and receives Andrea and puts him up at his apartment. What follows is an intensely personal dialogue between Jeff and Adrea, and although Mark only makes fleeting posthumous appearances in the film, he is as much a main character in the proceedings as Jeff and Andrea. If you can keep your tears in check as Mark (in an iPhone video) sings "Let Me Be Your Man", then you're a sturdier sort than I! And Allesandro Calza is incredibly delicious. ***** outta 5

Thanks for reading, and happy viewing.

BTW, the weather in SW Florida is TOTALLY awesome! ;)
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31 December 2009 @ 01:13 pm

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21 December 2009 @ 04:55 pm
Yeah, it was written "for" me, but I really can't take ANY credit for this gorgeous story:

That Sam Thing

NC-17 Sam/Dean, Wincest, 6850 words. Dean POV, Graphic Sex, First Time, Rimming, Come Play, Marking, Spoilers for all seasons through 5.10 "Abandon All Hope".
This story is what fic exchange recipients dream of. Dean reflects on his "thing" for Sam, from when they were kids and through Sam's death, resurrection, and his own trip and redemption from Hell. Spot on voice for Dean here, with the perfect amount of angst, self-doubt and UST. And this is a "first time" fic set in season five, and it couldn't be more appropriate and natural. Wonderfully forceful Sam, and the sex is scorching, breathtaking, needy, rough and transforming, breaking both brothers completely down and re-assembling them again as new. And to top it off, a touching coda that managed to get this cynical old coot snuffly. Brilliantly lyrical throughout, this is a MUST READ, despite whatever fandom currently flips your trigger.

So make the time to check out this fantastic story. Take a break from wrapping those presents and addressing those cards. You won't be sorry.

Thank you, locknkey ! Brilliant, brilliant work!
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16 December 2009 @ 11:02 pm
Another Ron/Harry rec:

Ain't Got Time to Take a Fast Train

NC-17. Ron and Harry are Aurors, but since coming out publicly as a couple, Ministry rules prohibit them from working as partners on official business. So for the last few years, they only see each other at their shared flat. One day Harry discovers a plain envelope on his desk, containing a rather explicit letter from a definite admirer. VERY explicit, detailing all the deliciously sexual things the admirer wishes to do to/with Harry. Harry shows the letter to Ron, who rather than being miffed, suggests that they act out the admirer's letters. I so enjoy adult / established relationship stories with this pairing, and this fic doesn't disappoint. Ron and Harry's characters are very comfy with each other, their dialog easy and affectionate with just the right amount of joking and ribbing. And some nicely hot sex, too. A satisfying glimpse into the grown-up lives of Ron and Harry.

Bravo, shes_gone
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12 December 2009 @ 08:54 am
My last rec for the hp_cestfest , which concluded posting this weekend:

When You Dream

NC-17 Dominique/Louis/Hugo, 1930 words. Dub-Con, Non-Con, Bondage, Incest. Dominique Weasley has always had his uses for his younger brother Louis, but it's the first time he's ever really needed him to get something he wants: Dom's cousin, Hugo Weasley.

A deliciously darkish character study of Bill and Fleur's eldest son, Dominique, and his younger brother, Louis. Dominique always gets what he wants, and over time, he's learned that he can depend on Louis to assist him. And when Dom sets his sights on Hugo, Louis is all too ready to lend a hand. The sparse, haunting style of writing suits Dominique's internal monologue perfectly. The fervor with which he acquires what he wants is contrasted by his dispassionate external facade, a carefully crafted public face that at times, barely conceals Dom's roiling desires.

Excellent work, gala_apples !
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08 December 2009 @ 08:22 am
Two recommendations this time...

The Contest

NC-17 Ron/Harry. Ron, Harry, Hermione and Neville share a restored Grimmauld Place as roomies. Harry arrives home early one evening to find Ron wanking in the sitting room. A challenge ensues, in which all four roomies pledge to see who can go without it the longest. Hilarity ensues. Based on a SEINFELD episode that I'm not familiar with, but that fact didn't limit the enjoyment of this fic at all. Sharp, witty dialouge, laugh out loud funny, and filled with more wanking euphemisms than one could shake a wand at. Bashing the Basilisk? Awesome!

Lose Some, Win Some

NC-17 Ron/Harry. Ron's a Healer, and Harry likes to exercise in nothing but his Quidditch Leathers. There's also the Healing Power of Fur, cranky Welcome witches, voyeuristic shower wanks, implied nude cooking, and...well, best not give too much away. I love fics featuring adult versions of the boys in an established relationship, and this fic doesn't disappoint. How could it, since it was written for moi?

So read, enjoy, and comment. *waits* Really! Go on! *g*

Bravo, rickey_a & slantedknitting !
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04 December 2009 @ 08:49 pm

Everything More Than Everything Else

R-rated Ron/Harry. Quantum Theory states that each and every one of our choices is played out in another universe, overlaid and sharing space/time with our own. Which provides a nifty lead-in to this rec, a brilliantly written story featuring a horribly powerless and wounded Ron, loving a far more hapless Harry. Infidelity, abuse,'s all here. But these less than stellar universes certainly help one to appreciate those with more palatable outcomes.

Without some shadow, we cannot appreciate the light.

Bravo, gala_apples !
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03 December 2009 @ 08:02 am

The Distraction of Attraction

NC-17 Ron/Harry. Ron, Harry & Hermione are in the depths of Auror Training, and their most recent practical lesson involves a deceptively simple hunt for some objects in a deserted manor. But their instructor has cursed each student with a 'distraction', and Harry's is especially vexing. The story features a wonderfully confused Harry, sharp, witty dialog, and Ron's arse. What more could one ask for?

Bravo, ella_bane !
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